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Now Installing GREEN HVAC for residential and warehouses

*****C.G.I technology is installing the GREEN HVAC for residential and warehouses in northern California Bay Area please call :

408 315 1461 for a comprehensive detail on existing install system and information done in Bay Area. 

C.G.I Technology focuses mainly on Green

Heating and cooling and focuses on Thermal

Management system that uses one solar panel and a wi fi thermostat. 

I hope you find everything you need on this Webpage. C.G.I. Technology is focused on providing the newest technology for generating and conserving energy using renewable energy technology. Let me introduce myself; I am Cyrous Gheyri, inventor of Time-delay Thermal Conducting and convectional heating and cooling concepts,and array of convex lenses solar water heating system.

Important news on C.G.I Technology 2020

Soon new Green HVAC patent be published

Application numbrr 15/360,978

provisional patent and application patent on green HVAC, thermal management system for multi story commercial , residential , and warehouse spaces.

and warehouses

Important news on C.G.I Technology 2016-,2018of department of Energy).

*showcased GREEN HVAC in ARPA-E (Advanced research project agency

*selected by Department of Energy building technology as one of 34 technology and showcased for second year in row in April 2016.

*Selected by Department of Energy EERE building technology

as one of 32 emerging technology to market . Showcased

April 2015.

*Selected by United State Patent and Trademark office as one of the thirteen patent of 2015 along with coporation like ford , Caterpillar, NASA... to showcase C.G.I Technology Green HVAC at American history Smithsonian museum innovation festival Sept 2015 .

The below patent addresses the most green HVAC and the smartest thermostat in home automation:

first patent :

Building Heating and Cooling Systems :

Thermal conducting time delay concept (changing day

temperature to night temperature and vice versa) ,or raise /drop temperature of living space as desired.

Issued patent 8556689

Easy link

US patent and trademark office website : 

On the first part of my patent, Time-delay Thermal Conducting and convectional heating/cooling, I take advantage of the fact that days are warmer than nights, and try to delay temperature increases and decreases within structures that have attics and crawlspaces. I want to bring warm air, generated during the day and stored in an attic, into the house at night; and cool air, generated during the night and stored in crawl spaces, into the house during the day. This crazy idea made me think in totally different ways about existing technology.

The major portion of this patent uses convectional means of air exchange within a structure to heat up or cool the living spaces to a desired temprature. Renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, can be used to recirculate hot and cool pockets of energy within a structure to achive a desired temperature.

The attic fan technology, solar attic fan technology is the worst idea and concept. It waste the generated heat energy.

Another part of my patent, which enhances Time-delay Thermal Conducting, involves remanufacturing windows to absorb radiant heat. With conventional window manufacturing, the lower the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) the better a window blocks the sun's radiant heat. I am totally against blocking this energy because I want to use and store this energy to cool down or heat up a house.   

I will briefly explain the scientific facts on the Time-delay Thermal Conducting concept regarding window manufacturing. Presently, 29% of average total energy consumption is used for heating, and only 17% for cooling the home. So 46% (almost half the energy consumption) is used to cool/heat a living area to thermal comfort levels. According to the Department of Energy, Americans today spend an average of 12% of household income on energy; while a decade ago, Americans spent only 7.5 %.

Presently, the average price of electricity is 11.3 cents Kwh; and $13.29 for natural gas per million BTU. Studies by NASA show average annual ground energy (1983-2005) on earth is between 3--7.5 Kwh/m squared/day. For the USA alone, the figure is 6--7.5 Kwh/m squared/day.

By the standard of EPA and Department of Energy, U.S. window manufacturers must block at least 70% of the sun's radiant heat through lamination or a process called doping. By 2015, the EPA is expected to require manufacturers to block even more of the sun's radiant heat to that of 80%.

According to the first law of thermodynamics, matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed. Instead, the fixed amount of radiant heat energy through clear glass can be captured and used as a source of heating and cooling using my Thermal Conductivity Time-delay concept.

using water as thermal storage:

water within double or triple paned windows,and other method to use water as thermal storage:

Blocking sun radiant heat is totally a wrong concept. Energy star windows are actually means of rely more on forced air . Water in double or triple paned windows is the answer to capture the heat energy during the days and releasing the necessary heat during the nights.  

Let us look at energy savings on 3 x 5 foot windows (clear glass) if the theory of above is achievable. This is about 1.4 meter square. thus:

1.4 x 6 x 365 x 11.3 = 34645.8 or $346.45 minimum in perfect conditions;

1.4 x 7 x 365 x 11.3 = 40420.1 or $404.20 maximum in perfect conditions.

These figures represent swapping daily and nightly average temperatures to achieve the exact thermal comfort level (about 69-72 degrees Fahrenheit); and minimum and maximum daytime temperatures to be equal, but in different directions of average temperatures. Of course these figures are for sunny days with no cloudcover. However, even if we consider capturing 30% of these sun's rays, the average yearly saving is still tremendous. Therefore some energy and money could be saved with only one reconfigured window; think of the savings one could achieve with a house full of new windows. 

Second patent:

Convex lenses solar water heating systems :

(newest technology on solar

panels to heat up water)

*****Using water as thermal storage*****

Array of convex lenses focuses sunlight to heat areas of solar panel (fluid chamber). Instant hot water , radiant heat using new manufacturing concept for solar panel (published patent 8857425).

easy link :

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

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