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About Us

C.G.I. Technology is a company with a different vision in green house technology that is more efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly. This company will soon challenge the EPA and Department of Energy to change the current energy saving standards in manufacturing windows. Solar energy is the Earth's most available energy resource. It is capable of providing many times the levels of total energy demand. It is time for scientists, working in every level of the energy industry, to consider this fact in their designs; time for investors to support research and development in other aspects of solar energy. I foresee in the very near future, there will be an index for average energy consumption for any commercial and residential building. This index will be a factor in the price and value of property ownership or occupancy.  

Our future goal and concentration is also on running car engines using renewable energy soley, or in conjunction, with other energy sources like gas, electrical, etc. Also converting the energy, created and lost within the engine cavity, to be used as a source of energy in and of itself.

At present, the world population has reached seven billion; an increase of one billion people in ten years. The world's population is expected to grow to nine billion by 2050. With diminishing levels of commodities such as coal, oil, and natural gas it is necessary to substitute and increase renewable energy use throughout the world.


21701 stevens Creek Blvd #1896

Cupertino, Ca 95014

In the end, its the difference one makes in the world that really matters (Sahel).

Thanks to my best friend Babak Motamedi ,and his wonderfull wife Anya for their support in every step. 


(408) 600-4985

(408) 315-1461

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